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If you follow me over on Twitter and Instagram, you will know that last Monday I started a new job!

It’s an exciting time, and at 30 years old it feels like a proper grown up job! I was approached on LinkedIn about the role, and was chuffed when they offered it to me.

However, as exciting as it was, I was also shit scared! I’d spent the last 5 years in my previous role, knew everything there was to know, and my colleagues were like a little family. Moving to a new place where I knew nothing and no-one was very daunting. But what is life without taking a few risks?

Having said that, there are a number of things you can do to make the transition easier. So here are my top tips to get you prepared for your first day!

starting new job

In the few weeks before you start your new job;

  1. Make sure your new employer has all the information they need. This includes all your personal details, bank details and referees. If they haven’t been able to obtain your references before your start date, you will not be allowed to start so this one is super important
  2. Work out your last pay date from your current employer, and your first pay date from your new employer. Unless you are lucky enough to start at the beginning of their pay period, you will more than likely need to do a bit of financial juggling. Get your finances sorted and any budgets worked out well in advance to save stressing later
  3. Go above and beyond in your handover at your current employer. Leave on a good note as you never know who you will need in the future. My boss cracked a joke in my leaving speech that my handover was 45 pages long and had procedures in there that they never knew existed. I’m a bit anal with things like this, but I wanted to make sure whoever took over my position had all the information they needed
  4. Take a few days leave if you can between roles. I never did this, I left on a Friday and started on the Monday, and I should have taken a day or two to rest up. If you have holidays to take, and can afford to not get paid them then give yourself a long weekend to decompress before going to the new place

The week before you start your new job;

  1. Start getting any paperwork ready that you might need on your first day. Signed contract, P46/45, any required identity documents (passport, proof of address etc). Put this all in a folder ready to take with you on your first day
  2. Go shopping, and get yourself a few new bits for your new office. I was lucky enough to get a bit of a leaving collection so used this to buy some new pieces, but even if you are on a small budget, Primark has some lovely offerings. Pick yourself up a new top or new pair of shoes to make you feel a little bit sassy on your first day
  3. Get your house in order. Give it a vac and a dust. File your paperwork. Do all your washing. And do all this in advance so that for the weekend before, or few days before you can actually rest!
  4. Start getting a list of contacts together that you may need in the future. There were certain people I wanted to stay in touch with, certain suppliers I could use in the future etc. Get a list together so that you can take them with you

The weekend before you start your new job;

  1. Plan your commute. How long will it take? Aim to get there 30 minutes early. Allow time to get lost, for traffic, or to grab a Starbucks on your way in to calm your nerves
  2. Plan your first day outfit and get this ready the night before you start – saving valuable time on the morning of your first day
  3. Get your bag ready. Clear out all the crap and receipts that have accumulated in it. Make sure you have everything you need in it, but get it organised
  4. Pamper yourself. Do a face mask. Paint your nails. Do your eyebrows/hair/shave your legs etc. Make sure the night before you start that you have very little to do the morning of your first day
  5. Get an early night! Make you sure are well rested – I need 8 hours sleep or I am super grumpy so I was in bed for 9:30 the night before – rock and roll!

Your first day at the new job;

starting new job

  1. Don’t snooze your alarm! Get up straight away and allow yourself time to have your morning coffee (or whatever you drink) without feeling rushed
  2. Get ready! You should have prepped everything the night before so this should be a fairly easy task. Do your hair and makeup¬†before you get dressed – otherwise if you are in my house you will just end up covered in cat hair! You also don’t want to risk getting toothpaste down your first day outfit – the struggle is real
  3. First day nerves are normal, but if you are feeling overly anxious or worried, try some deep breathing techniques, or listen to some music. Whatever will help you feel calm
  4. Leave on time – perhaps the most important thing on your first day. The last thing you want is to feel stressed out because you a stuck in traffic or have missed the bus/tram/train. Give yourself more time than you will need to avoid this
  5. Repeat to yourself that you have got this! Remember, you got the job. Over how ever many hundreds of candidates that probably applied Рthey picked you! They wanted you! Be confident (without being arrogant) in your abilities

So there you have hit. Tips to take you up to 9am on your first day.

Now this is by no means an exhaustive list. There may be more – these are just the things I have done over the last few weeks to help get me into the new office.

Do you have any tips to add? Are you about to start a new job? Let me know in the comments below.


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