My Valentines Day Wish List

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Valentines day is fast approaching. Whilst we do not typically make a big fuss (we tend to stick to cards) there are a few things this year that I am lusting over. So I thought I would create a little post with my wishlist, and maybe share some inspiration. There are things on my list to suit all budgets!

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Sanctuary Spa 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask  
sanctuary spa thermal detox

I got a sample of this mask in the Sanctuary Star gift box that I picked up in the boots 70% off sale which I blogged about here. I’m not really a lover of face masks as I have quite sensitive skin however this one has really changed my mind! As soon as I put the mask on I could feel it heating up on my skin – not going to lie, I was slightly worried at first, but this soon steadies out. It wasn’t drying on my face like some masks, and I could carry on my normal bathing routine without it cracking off. After 5 minutes I took the mask off and my skin instantly looked different. At work the next day one of my Directors commented that my skin looked great! I did come out in a few breakouts later in the week so I’m not sure if that’s due to the mask pulling out impurities, or normal breakouts. A bargain at £7.50 this is definitely on my wishlist!

My Neighbour Totoro 

my neighbour totoro

I am a huge fan of Studio Ghibli movies and this one is among my favourites. I managed to loose a load of DVD’s in a move and this is one I have never got round to replacing. A must see for any Ghibli fans this is one of the earlier films and ranks up there with My Cat Returns, Howls Moving Castle and Kiki’s Delivery Service. Ghibli DVD’s have never really come down much in price so remains at £12.99 for now.

Red Button Front Jumper

Red Button Front jumper

I have recently ‘Kon Marie’d’ my wardrobe so am on the lookout for some new pieces. I love Dorothy Perkins as an affordable fashion retailer, and they have a tall range which is a bonus for beanpole’s like me. It is rare I find a jumper or top that has arms that fit my long skinny octopus tentacles! This is currently in the sale reduced to £17.50 and it’s red – perfect for Valentines day!

Cath Kidston Wallet

Cath Kidston Bag

Ok, so these two kind of come together. I don’t NEED another Cath Kidston bag – but I saw these in the new catalogue and think I might have drooled a little. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this design and the grey and yellow colouring is perfect for the new season! The bag comes in at £48.00 and the purse at £38 so individually would be affordable as a gift, the pair together may push the budget just a little!

Kiehl’s Alcohol Free Calendula Toner

I recently attended a PA networking event at Kiehl’s King Street Store in Manchester. I had a skin consultation whilst I was there which determined I had combination oily/dry skin. They recommended some products to me, one of which is this toner. I was a bit dubious, there is a plant in it that kind of looks a bit like a tape worm. However, upon using it, it is the perfect toner for my skin. It is not drying like others I have used, and doesn’t feel oily when smothered all over my face. I freaked out a bit when a bit of the plant came out but otherwise it’s pretty damn good. I only have a sample size so would love to get the full sized bottle. A little pricey at £34.50 but how much is too much for skincare?

Lush Lots of Love Gift Set

lush lots of love

What girl does not love Lush? I flipping love it. Phil does not – mainly because the bath bombs always leave a residue in the bath that I ‘forget’ to clean up afterwards! This set has been released specifically for Valentines Day and contains 7 treats for bath time. I’m imagining lots of sweet smelling products which would be perfect for a candle lit bath. At £39.95 it works out at just over a fiver per product.

FitBit Charge 2

fitbit charge 2

Both of us have been toying with getting a FitBit. Phil just wants a heart rate monitor to use during his ‘man yoga’ or DDPYRG for those of you familiar with it. I on the other hand would like a FitBit to monitor my heart rate (I have a heart condition) and monitor my sleep. I always complain I don’t get enough sleep and this would make for some interesting analysing I’m sure. Plus this one comes in a pretty purple colour! More expensive at £129.99 but it would act as a watch too – so win win!

Olympus Pen E-PL7

olympus e-pl7

I only have my phone camera. As a new blogger, although I have issues with the ‘perfect’ Instagram feed, I do need to up my photography game. And how frigging sexy does this camera look? A complete budget buster at £399.99 but worth every penny.

So there is my wishlist. The 9 items I am lusting over. Will I receive any of them? Will I fuck, but a girl can dream right?

What are you hoping for this Valentines Day? Are you hoping your other half will surprise you? Will all you happy singletons treat yourself to something a little extra special?

Maybe I should just treat myself this year…what do you think?

Bye for now.


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  • omg I love Lush yess! Love this post hun x

    • diaryof30something

      Got to love a bit of lush. Thank you ❤