My Travel Wishlist

travel wishlist

As part of discovering myself and navigating my way through my 30’s, I want to also discover the world and what it has to offer. Here is a list of the top places I want to travel to. Some of these are more achievable than others but all of them offer something different and are a new place to discover.

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Slovenia – Lake Bled

slovenia travel wishlist

Up until late last year, Slovenia had never been on my travel wish list. I believe I saw a post from someone who went on a Surprise Trip to Slovenia and that prompted me to look into it a little more. First off, I mean, Lake Bled is stunning. It’s the perfect place to go and switch off for a few days. I’m hoping that we will tick this destination off the bucket list this year. We have already started looking at airbnb for accommodation ideas. Definitely need to put a decent camera on my wish list to get shots like this!

Spain – Barcelona 

Barcelona Gaudi travel wishlist

To be fair, who doesn’t want to go to Barcelona? Specifically, I want to go and take a look at the Gaudi architecture as I love quirky gothic looking buildings. The Spanish food, weather and culture is just the cherry on top. There is a huge market hall which I’d like to pay a visit to and pick up a picnic to eat down at the beach – perfecto!

Italy – Pompeii 

pompeii travel wishlist

Before I had my gallbladder removed last year (which you can read about here), we had planned a trip to Naples and Pompeii with a stop in Milan. So no surprise then these places appear on my wishlist. I never really knew much about Pompeii but knew that it would be the type of place that Phil would like to travel to. He was a bit shocked I wanted to go. He explained the history to me. As did my Uncle who had recently gone gave me loads of info and it is a bit erm, morbid. Basically, Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD and buried everything in ash. Shells of bodies have been preserved as no one escaped. Apparently there is a really crap film about it if you can’t afford the plan fare.

Italy – Naples 

toledo naples travel wishlist

Naples. The home of the Napoli pizza in all it’s cheesy goodness. This made the list prior to gallbladder removal, and so now the thought of a big fat cheesy pizza has a different effect on me. However, there is more to see and do in Naples than just Pizza. The above picture is of the Toledo Metro station. I mean, come on? The London Underground need to up their subway art game!!!

Hungary – Budapest 

budapest travel wishlist

Ok, so we have actually been to Budapest already. The pair of us absolutely fell in love with the city and we desperately want to go back. The food, the buildings, the beer – it was just amazing! There was so much that we didn’t get to see during our 4 day trip a couple of years ago and that is the reason it made the travel wishlist!

The Northern Lights

northern lights travel wishlist

I don’t care particularly where I have to travel to see them, I just want to see them. My mum saw them in Iceland and Lapland and I was insanely jealous. Pretty sure that this is on everyone’s wishlist. I think I quite fancy trying my luck in Lapland so I can also pay a visit to Santa!

Greece – Athens 

athens travel wishlist

Both of us would love to travel to Greece. Particularly Athens due to the history – and Phil is a bit of an archaeology geek so this is right up his street. Timing is everything with this one as Athens gets HOT and it is hilly, and with both of us not taking to heat well this could be tricky! There are so many other places in Greece and the Greek Islands that are on our travel list, so for the sake of this blog, I picked Athens as our top one.

England – Edinburgh 

edinburgh travel wishlist

There are soooooo many places that we haven’t been to in our own country and that’s pretty disgraceful to be honest. Edinburgh is high on my list – again – quirky architecture, gothic looking buildings are right up my street. From Manchester it is often cheaper to fly than get the train so that is something we need to look into. I might try and book something in for late November time when it has started to get wintery but it’s not freezing cold!


disneyland travel wishlist

I’m not fussy which one. However I am 30 years old and have never been and that needs to change!!!!! We will probably head to the Paris park first as it’s closer. I don’t even want to go on the rides as I’m not a huge fan, BUT I do want to meet all the characters and live out my childhood fantasies! I genuinely think I would probably cry at some point though. Not sure that’s cool but whatever!

Costa Rica

costa rica sloth travel wishlist

Ok, there is one reason I want to travel to Costa Rica and that is the Sloth Sanctuary there. I frigging love Sloths. Like seriously, obsessed with them. When I went to Budapest, we visited the Zoo purely to see the Sloths. I must have spent about half an hour at the Sloth section where I made friends with a cute little guy who came and said hello. My sister got me a Christmas Sloth who goes on my tree every year. And I also have sloth socks, teddies and a t shirt. I love Sloths!

So that’s my travel wishlist. What’s on your travel wishlist this year or over the next couple of years? I hope that maybe I have inspired you to visit some places that may not have been on your list.

Bye for now.


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