When did humanity turn savage? The most stressful Boots haul EVER

On Friday 20th January 2017, I witnessed the most disgraceful shopping behaviour in Boots on Market Street in Manchester.

Ok, first off I will admit that I hate shopping. Yes, I am one of those girls that no matter how hard I try, I will never channel Carrie Bradshaw’s love for shopping. However, I appear to have had some kind of mental blackout and decided to brave the Boots 70% off sale on its opening day. Big mistake!

I knew it would be busy, but nothing could quite prepare me for what I walked into. Boots in Manchester opens at 8am – perfect for nipping in before heading to the office. So I rock up at 8:10am after cursing the tram for stopping for too long at a particular stop making me later than I wanted to be. I could see people coming down the escalator in Boots with baskets full of stuff – but it did not seem overly chaotic.

As I reach the first floor where the gifts sets were, I think I said out loud “holy f**k”. It was like one of those David Attenborough documentaries where the Wildebeest are stampeding through the desert. It was flipping chaos. Me and my one basket looked so out of place from the women (and yes they were mostly women) who were sweeping the shelves of stock into those huge Ikea bags and then leaving them with their husbands/partners/friends at the side of the store where they already had 5 or 6 shopper bags and a few baskets full of stock.

Now I was on the phone to my mum at the time trying to have a casual polite browse (more fool me!) when a woman yelled at me “get of your f****ing phone, don’t you know this is a sale”.

Since when did shopping a sale come with its own set of unspoken rules that basically let’s you be an arsehole?

Boy was I getting stressed.

Luckily, I knew what I wanted and so kept my head down to go and find them  and I managed to get all but one of my items.

Boots Sanctuary Spa Make A wish gift set – was £45.00, now £13.50

I’m not a high end kind of product girl. I like normal stuff. Sanctuary Spa is on my favourites, especially anything rose scented! This was an absolute steal and will make bath times that little bit more pleasant. The kit contains;

  • Foaming Creamy bath soak 250ml
  • Gentle polish body scrub 200ml
  • Cleansing burst body wash 250ml
  • Luxourious body butter 300ml
  • Velvety hand cream 75ml
  • Intensive heel balm 75ml
  • White lily & damask rose body wash 75ml (smells amazing!)
  • Ultimate salt scrub 60g
  • Thermal detox mask 15g

Sanctuary Scent Your Space gift – was £25.00, now £7.50

What girl does not like candles? And it comes with it’s very own snuffer! This is a really beautiful set and I’m so glad I was able to snag one. The set comes with 4 candles scented as follows;

  • Signature Sanctuary – smells like a spa
  • Firesside – smells like fires! (no shit sherlock!)
  • Fig & Black Amber – smells a bit fruity with earth tones (actual description can be found here)
  • White Jasmine & Myrrh – this one kind of smells like incense – perfect for bath time!

I really like this set because it includes a snuffer. Phil always laughs at me when I try and blow out candles avoiding setting my hair on fire so this little gadget will mean the last laugh is on me hee hee.

Boots Sanctuary Hand Soap duo – was £10.00, now £3.00

Not much to say on this one except I needed hand soap and I like Sanctuary – win win

Champneys Citrus Blush tin – was £12.00, now £3.60


If you have never been to a Champneys Spa – you need to go! It’s not cheap mind, but it is like pamper heaven! I fell in love with their products way before I went to their spa, but now every time I use their citrus blush range, it instantly transports me back to Champneys in Henlow go check them out here and I just feel relaxed.

These products are travel sized too so it means I can take a little bit of heaven away with me.

Barry M – Frosted Cupcake collection

Left to right: Marshmallow, Earl Grey, Strawberries & Cream

Ok so technically I got these in Superdrug on a 3 for 2 offer but they sell them in Boots anyway. Barry M is my favourite nail polish brand EVER. Like EVER EVER. The frosted cupcake collection is new out with 4 pastel shades that have a slight shimmer to them. I got 3 of them!

I also picked up a couple of bits for Phil – a dove set like you do (was £6.00, now £1.80) and a Champneys Men’s shaving kit (was £18.00, now £5.40)

So whilst I picked up some great bargains and got mostly what I wanted – I’m honestly not sure if was worth the stress of being in the middle of rude, ignorant and violent shoppers!

Did you brave the Boots sale or any of the other sales, let me know in the comments.

Bye for now.


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  • Mo

    I hate sales for all the above reasons! Barry M is my favourite brand for nail varnish, I LOVE the quick dry nail paint x

    • diaryof30something

      I also love the quick dry range! Perfect for those who are lazy / limited for time like me! Kay x