A love letter to my mum

mum love letter

To Mum,

Mother’s day always makes me reflect on our relationship, and how it has changed and grown over the years.

From the time of being just a little girl, we never knew what it was to go without. Despite you not working, raising 3 kids alone and living in a council flat, you still managed to give us an enriched fun childhood. We never knew you didn’t have any money. Instead you provided the tools for us to make our own fun.

You sat there whilst we painfully made snail drawings out of string, picked the fuzzy felt off the floor when we tipped it off our boards, cleaned the kitchen after we had made a right mess ‘baking’. You gave us the freedom to do what we wanted to do, whether that was learning an instrument or going to ballet lessons. You pushed us to work hard and rewarded us with unconditional love.

You showed us what it was like to work for something. You waited until we were old enough and set off to college and then university to do something you had always wanted to do. You involved us in that and I remember nights of reading your essays – and nights where you would tell us to leave you the hell alone so you could focus – haha!

I remember moving into those dreaded teenage years, and I was horrible to you. But you stood by me anyway. When I moved away from home you drove the moving van and helped me settle into my first place of my own. You waited and helped me unpack, and then drove the van all the way back to London. You then helped me move again, and again until I finally settled down with Phil.

I want to thank you for showing me how to be a strong independent woman.  Even when you have disagreed with my choices, you have helped me succeed in everything I wanted to do.

It’s because of you that I have had the strength to make it through times that have been really rough on all of us. It’s because of you that I went and got my degree – and graduating you with in the audience was my proudest moment.

Because of you I know the meaning of what it is to work hard. As an adult I’ve learned about the sacrifices you had to make to give us the happy childhood that we had. I know now just what it means to put others before yourself, and to love someone unconditionally.

I know that even though I’m 30 years old, I am still your baby girl. And you will continue to support me and pick up the pieces when things go wrong no matter how old I am. I know that when the time comes for you to walk me down the aisle, it will be your proudest moment (and mine). I know that your wedding speech will probably contain your poor jokes, and some proper cringey things that will make me want to hide under the top table. I know that if I choose to have kids, you will love them unconditionally the way that you love me.

Our future will only get better, and our relationship will only grow stronger.

You are my best friend,

Your baby girl always

Kay xx

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