In the beginning, there was coffee..

This is the beginning. A new year, a new blog, and the start of my 30’s and so Diary of a 30 Something is born.

This is the year, that I will answer that all important question – “what do I want to be when I grow up?”

To quote Jessica Stanley aka Anna Kendrick (Anna please be my best friend!) in the Twilight movie, my answer is currently “who the hell knows”.

So why did I start a blog?

When you walk into the office on Monday, and you get asked the inevitable what did you get up to at the weekend question, do you ever find yourself going ‘erm….’. Unless you had something memorable on, a party, gig, trip or whatever, you end up asking yourself the same question, what the f did you do at the weekend? You know you did stuff, but that stuff seems to have vanished as if it never happened. Sound familiar? Well that’s me.

This blog will chart my journey as a 30 something, discovering blogging for the first time, enjoying life, changing those things I have the power to change in my life, and a general online diary.

I am a Londoner at heart, even though I live up in t’north therefore brutal honesty and straight talking are part of my nature. Mixed amongst this is a normal 30 year old woman (woman sounds so old to me) girl, navigating career vs children, body image woes, wanting to do more than what my bank account will allow and general life highs and fuck ups.

I will endeavour to post twice a week at first. I’m thinking a Wednesday and Sunday, updating you on what I’ve done, read, what I’ve cocked up, what I have [attempted] to cook/bake/cobble together, and anything else that in an old fashioned paper diary would start with ‘Dear Diary’.

I hope you will follow me on my journey and share your stories and experiences.

Bye for now


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  • Love, love, love this intro post! It reads so smoothly and makes me chuckle and I guess making people laugh is a good result. I always thought that by the time I’m thirty, I’ll have it all figured out and boy was I wrong. I still have nothing figured out, but I’ve learnt to be happy with who I am. I’m really looking forward to follow your journey and how you navigate through the thirties.

    Maya |

    • diaryof30something

      Thank you Maya 😊 I am definately not where I thought I would be at 30, but life throws curve balls at you for a reason so I’m just riding the waves to see where I end up x