Gousto Review: Was it worth the stalking?

Gousto had been stalking me on Facebook for a while. I kept seeing their offers pop up on my feed, but never thought about signing up.

Anyway, since I had my gallbladder out we have been in a bit of a food rut. Their latest offer was 50% of your first 2 boxes, so I signed up to give them a try.

This post is not sponsored by Gousto, I purchased the box using my own pennies, and this is my first impressions and food review.

Ordering the first box

What stood out for me immediately, was that you were able to choose your meals. We trialled a meal box from another company a few years ago, and one of the downsides was that you were unable to choose your meals. You could select e.g. no fish – but that was it. Being a picky eater, I only ate one of the meals I received.  I haven’t tried them since so I couldn’t tell you if this had changed. Gousto lets you select your meals (from a selection of 22), and you can filter them if you want only veggie, low calorie etc. We went with the 4 meals box which at 50% off cost £21.00 – bargain!

The Gousto Box

We were super excited for the first box to arrive. I had a text on the morning of delivery to let us know that the box was on the way along with a Yodel tracking number so I was able to see when to expect delivery. Gousto claim that the box can be kept until midnight on delivery day without the ingredients needing to be refrigerated due to the cooling packaging inside the box itself.

When it arrived, we were quick to open it and unpack all the ingredients.

gousto box

One of the best parts of a meal box, is that everything is portioned out for you meaning no food waste – and we tend to waste a lot of food! Everything was fresh, and with good use by dates so we did not feel tied down as to when we needed to eat them.

The recipe cards listed all the ingredients needed, and a step by step guide with pictures on how to prepare and cook the meal.

Oh and it came with a wooden spoon too – one can never have too many wooden spoons!

Meal 1 – Quick Persian Lamb with Cous Cous

gousto box meal 1

Disclaimer – we are not foodies, nor food photographers. We are dump it on a plate and scoff it as we are starving type people so I apologise for my poorly constructed plates!

This meal was flipping delicious. I cooked this one, with Phil standing in as my sous chef. It was really simple – probably the most simple one from this box. I’ve never eaten Persian food before. The flavours were fantastic with a hint of spice but not too much.

One thing I will say, is that the portions don’t look a lot when you are dishing up – we threw a fresh baguette in to have with this one but it wasn’t needed. The portions are deceiving and whilst I ate every scrap of this one, I was stuffed after!

We have saved the recipe card for this one as we will definitely cook this again. This would have scored a 10 except one of the spices used in this recipe is quite hard to come by so I will need to have a browse online!

Gousto score – 9/10

Meal 2 – Sticky Chilli Beef Burritos & Lime Mayo

gousto box meal 2

This is where Phil took over the cooking as I was in work. A little more in depth to prepare than the first meal, but still relatively easy.

Taste wise, I tried the beef on it’s own and honestly, I wasn’t taken with the taste. However when you put all the bits together into the burrito it was pretty darn good.

We have kept the recipe card for this one, however, I think I prefer normal fajitas to this. There is nothing wrong with the meal, it just wasn’t quite to my taste. This could be down to it being beef, and I’m not a massive lover of beef  or beef mince – except in a curry or roast when it’s been slow cooked for 15 million hours.

Gousto Score – 6/10

Meal 3 – Auntie Sue’s Chicken & Leek Pie 

gousto box meal 3

gousto box meal 3

Another one that Phil prepared. It was not a traditional pie in that there was no pastry – it was more like a chicken shepherds pie. Phil added extra potatoes into the mash as he didn’t think there would be enough – and we both like our mash!

I think this was nice. I say ‘think’ because by this point, a virus had well and truly taken hold of my sinuses and taste buds.

The vegetables were absolutely beautiful – I could taste those! We will definitely be making this one again! Probably more of a winter warmer meal. Or when you are poorly as there is a good amount of stodge to make you feel all cosy and warm.

I gave this one an 8/10 because I couldn’t really taste it – but Phil made me change it to 10/10.

Gousto score – 10/10

Meal 4 – Harrissa Halloumi Burgers with Carrot Slaw

gousto meal 4
Picture from the Gousto website

Ok, we haven’t made this one yet. By this point I was really ill, and could not taste anything so we are yet to try this one. We have saved the recipe card. We will need to re buy some of the ingredients but fully intend to cook this up and it looks freaking delicious!

Final thoughts;

Both Phil and I were really impressed with both the quality of products delivered, and the ease and taste of the meals. Out of the 3 meals we made, we will 100% be making 2 of them again. Which I don’t think is too shabby at all!

Gousto is a great way to try new meals you wouldn’t have tried before. Some of the ingredients are not something we would have ever bought – and to buy a full size version of something you might not like is a waste of money. With everything portioned out this way you can try before you commit to buying something!

At the 50% off price this is really really good value. We are not sure we would have weekly deliveries at the full price. Quite often we end up with beans on toast or something super super quick if we have been out or working late. Phil is now out of work so we will need to cancel our subscription. However once finances are back where they used to be we would definitely join up to one box a month to keep adding to our meal repertoire.

We have also tried our second box and will post a review of that one soon.

If you fancy trying out a Gousto box, I have a refer a friend code for £25 of your first box – if you would like this, just drop me a comment below and I will send over to you.

Have you tried a meal box before? Let me know in the comments below.

Ciao for now!

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